“… a musician with flowy hair tucked over her shoulder was playing ethereal beats through a laptop.”
Melena Ryzik, The New York Times, August 2011

“… Berio’s “Sequenzas,” a series of intense, virtuosic pieces for solo performers, have achieved repertory status. On Wednesday, the first 10 of these works (there are 14 in all), played by a starry roster of young new-music luminaries, attracted a capacity crowd… The Second, beautifully played by the harpist Shelley Burgon, brushes aside frippery and frills in favor of evocative mystery.”
Steve Smith, The New York Times, December 2010

“The electronics maestro and pedal harpist lends her unique twist to music by Morton Feldman, John Cage and Shelley Burgon.”
Time Out New York, August 2010

“In a mesmerizing rendition of “Four Systems[Earle Brown],” the harpist Shelley Burgon collaborated with Miguel Frasconi…” Steve Smith, The New York Times, April 2007